Upcycled Tub

A few weeks ago my mom and I ventured out into our "junk" yard in search of some old galvanized tubs to upcycle into decorative planters. It's a small area at the far end of a piece of what used to a pasture area for various animals. Through the years it became a place to park old pieces of farm equipment, vehicles, barrels and a variety of various other things. Many items have come in handy for parts and pieces to fix other things. Some items are parked out there because they could be the next great project.

Two Old TubsAnyway we didn't really know what we were looking for or what we would find. I happened to find several worn out old galvenized tubs and an old rusty wheelbarrow. I found a lot more, but that was all I brought back with me.

Vintage copper wash tubAfter dad looked them over he pointed out that the oval shaped one is actually made out of copper. He talked about how nice it would look all polished up. I disgreed, I think it looked perfect in it's old galvenized patina state. Bangs and all. Not sure if you can see how banged up it is. There is even an area that has been cut out of the tub.

The two tubs sat around for a couple of weeks till I found the motivation to do something. Well that and we finally had some potting soil on hand.

Using a rubber mallet, I pounded out the dents and dings from the copper and did what I could to make the bottom flat. The cut-out piece leaves a hole that can't be fixed. Dad and I think someone must have cut out the piece to use for saudering to repair some other project.

I had purchased some flowers from Bi-Mart for just $.99 each, two pink and two white and thought those would look nice against the gray/galvenized coloring of the tub. There was a few small holes in the bottom so I didn't bother adding more. I added a layer of gravel in the bottom to help with drainage before fill the tug up 2/3 of the way with potting soil and planting the flowers.

Here is the finished piece. I am really happy with it. My mom did the same thing with the round tub and it turned out just as nice.

Vintage copper tub with flowers

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