Family FarmWelcome to my site. I appreciate you stopping by. My blog is about me and my life. I spent the first 23 years of my life in Oregon, in a farming community except when I went to college. Then I decided to experience life on the East Coast. I love Connecticut and many other states back East. I lived in Connecticut for 14 years until I decided I wanted to be around my parents, sister, niece and brother-in-law more often. Now I am readjusting to life far away from the conveniences found in a city.

It seems that I often finding myself thinking of the differences in growing up or living in a rural community vs. a bigger city or metropolis. In addition to that are the differences between things that seem to be common on the West coast vs. what is common on the East coast. My blog shares my personal perspective on both lives. I hope you enjoy them.

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