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I know that the posts here on my blog have been few and far between while my "mental blog" is filled with posts.

Anyone else have that problem? Mentally you are writing emails, sending texts and many other things while you are busy doing all of the other things that simply cannot wait. That is the way it has been for me.

No Time For BloggingOnce upon a time I had free moments to sit down and compose a blog post; now I imagine writing them. I imagine writing them while driving here and there; while working on My Mental Blogfreelance projects and while sitting at the scorekeepers table keeping stats for the high school sports teams. I imagine writing them during those things because that is what now fills the time that was once available for blogging.

So while I have not had much spare time to physically write blog posts, I have not forgotten about it. If anyone manages to invent a way for me to mentally write and publish my blog posts to the internet, please let me know!


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