The Best Posts You’ll Never Read

Best Post's You'll Never ReadThe best posts that I've ever written, you will never read. Wonder why? It's because my best ideas and blog posts are written in my head, usually while in the shower. When I am done, the ideas, words and perfect phrasing are sucked up through the bathroom fan with the steam.

During a call with some fellow bloggers this past weekend, I was happy to find out that I was not the only one. My friend at McAuley Freelance wrote an entire speach for her Toastmaster's while in the shower. She and I also shared that we get some of the best ideas while driving- talk about inconvenient!

I Best posts you'll never readwill say that there is a plus to having a place where I can go when I need think though a challenge. I have been known to come at a topic or post topic from as many angles as I can then moved on to another topic till I hit a roadblock there till I finally just go take a shower. I don't always find the answers or come up with the words that I was needing, but it allows me to find a fresh perspective.

In fact, I had a ton more to say for this blog post when I first thought of it on Sunday. Some of it is coming back to me but other parts I am not as enthusiastic about including as I had been.

Another time of day that ideas come from me is just as I am about to go to bed. It is for this reason (and some others) that I have a total of four white boards between the house and the office. I also take this little (darn cute) notebook with me everywhere as well so that I can write down blog post topics as they occur.

So what about you? In what inconvenient places does inspiration strike?


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